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This fall is my last semester at Allegheny College; in the spring I'll be on sabbatical leave, and then I will be retiring. This semester I am teaching Introduction to Managerial Economics (Econ 240) and Strategic Environmental Management (Econ 421).

For assistance with the Managerial Economics program - plans for the 2014 Executive Roundtable, arrangements for internships, etc - please contact Russ Ormiston (faculty director), Chris Allison (entrepreneur in residence and co-curriculars director), or Tamara Minns (program coordinator). For general Economics department assistance, you can also contact Tom Nonnenmacher (chair) or Linda Mauro (office coordinator).

Office hours: Tuesday 4:30-5:30 and Wednesday 2:30-5:30

My office: 814-332-3340
Economics department: 814-332-3360
Managerial program office: 814-332-2385